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Can I drink Cuminus Oil? Straight Answers About CUMINUS OIL

Health is wealth. How we live talks about our lifestyle. What we eat also affects our health in one way or the other. When we are sick we want to get out of sick bed as soon as possible.

The recovery process involves a lot of what we do and takes to get our health back on track. Such include health products or supplements we use in addressing the ailment.

I am specifically going to be addressing some pertinent questions about the popular Cuminus Oil. It is a wonder oil that serves different purposes for human health. It provides remedies for anyone suffering from arthritis, and constipation.

It boosts the immune system. It is a must for everyone to have NRI Cuminus Oil at their disposal always.

Can I drink Cuminus Oil?

Yes! You can drink Cuminus Oil. It can also be used topically to treat skin diseases.

What is Cuminus Oil used for?

The immense benefits of NRI Cuminus Oil to humans are numerous. I am going to be stating them below:

Arthritis: this is the inflammation of joints. Cuminus Oil has anti-inflammatory substances that help in the fight against arthritis. I have written a full article here on how to use Cuminus Oil to fight against arthritis. Read more here.

Benefits of Cuminus Oil

To Induce Labour in Pregnant women. I remember, as the son of an experienced midwife, my mother used to buy castor oil. If you are a nursing mother, you should be familiar with this. Just like castor oil, Cuminus oil can be used to induce Labour for a pregnant woman due for delivery.

But make sure is used at the appropriate time. It must be administered by a certified birth attendant. A pregnant woman should by all means avoid using Cuminus Oil unless prescribed by a certified birth attendant, please.

Facial Cleansing: Research has revealed that Cuminus Oil can be used to cleanse the face of acne and pimples. It provides a soothing effect on faces when applied to sensitive skin. It has antibacterial properties that prevent spreading on your skin.

Immune Boosting : Another usage of Cuminus Oil is for immune boosting. It is known by research that this same oil can increase your white blood cells. You need white blood cells to fight infection.

White blood cells are known to be lymphocytes. The lymphocytes produce antibodies that prevent toxins, viruses and other forms of infections.

Cuminus Oil can used to treat constipation. Constipation is irregularities in the time you go to the toilet. Let’s say, you average three times per week to visit the toilet on a normal week. But the frequency now changes may be due to change in diet or lack of fibre and some other essential nutrients in your food.

Then you are suffering from constipation. You are free to mix Cuminus Oil with any juice or milk to treat constipation. A-2 teaspoon full is okay. Within a few hours, you should notice movement around your bowel.

Stretch Mark Solution

Are you fighting stretch marks caused by changes in your body due to weight gained rapidly, or pregnancy? Ageing and hormonal imbalance can also cause stretch marks. Cuminus Oil is just an excellent oil to help you fight various skin conditions.

Benefit of Cuminus Oil
Stretch Mark : Credit –

It is the best skin moisturizer you can find in the market today to help you get rid of skin stretch marks. How do you use it to fight stretch marks? It is pretty simple to do. Massage Cuminus Oil on top of the affected body parts twice daily – morning and night.

How much is Cuminus Oil?

The health benefits you get from Cuminus Oil are more than the price. The retail recommended price for Cuminus Oil is 3,500 naira or dollar equivalent.

You can place your order by calling a registered distributor in your area. Alternatively, to get cheaper, register as a member or become a distributor in your area.

How to use NRI Cuminus Oil?

Understand that it is very important to clean your colon clean regularly. So you can take Cuminus Oil with warm water. Alternatively, you can add it to milk. Three table spoon is advisable daily for 5 days to purge the system. Take Cuminus Oil cautiously, please. Avoid using Cuminus oil right when going to bed.

Never combine it with other medicine. If need be, let there be a gap in terms of hours. A pregnant woman is not allowed to take Cuminus oil. Except when due. Children under age 12 also not allowed to take Cuminus Oil. Please consult a pediatrician.

Where can I get Cuminus oil?

You can get Cuminus Oil at an affordable price through Jumia or an online store.


NRI Products are wonderful products. Cuminus Oil stands as a product that is affordable and effective. Its numerous health benefits outweigh its price.

If your questions have not been answered in this article, please write it in the comment section. If you find it helpful, feel free to share it on various platforms.

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