Yes We Can!

Helping Others to Succeed is our dream

One of the core values of NRI is to *Help others to succeed
In the words of Martin Luther King Jr
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?

It is this question and need to solve human problems that has always been at the heart of  Professor Clinton Brown Odiagbe, CEO, NRI.

Over the years, we have seen African Networkers earn seven digit amounts in weekly bonuses but with nothing tangible to show for it.

This no achievement syndrome cannot happen in NRI. Hence we at Nature’s Renaissance International Ltd, as true and reliable partners have designed the Yes I Can project to support our partners to achieve their dreams. To build their dream homes, buy their dream Cars, help their children go through University education in Nigeria or abroad, raise capital to start their dream business, and other aspirations.

This is novel. We must achieve it because we care. Yes We Can

Frequently Asked Questions About the Yes I Can Project

Q. Who are the target groups for this project?
A. Every member of NRI both old and New.

Q. Can a participant in this project withdraw at anytime?
A. Yes
Q. On withdrawal will I receive my savings?
A. Yes

Q. Are there hidden charges I have to pay for this service?
A. None

Q. In the event of death of the participant what happens to the savings?
A. The money saved is paid to the Next of Kin if he/she does not wish to continue with the scheme.
Q. Can a participant subscribe for a second time after fulfilling the first?
A. Yes

Q. Is this scheme compulsory for all NRI members?
A. No. It is optional
Q. What is this project meant to achieve?
A. It is meant to help you save and use your savings to achieve a particular goal for you. It will also help participants to plan ahead.
Q. How long is this project going to last?
A. It’s designed to be a part of NRI business so it has no time limit.
Q. What do I need to succeed in this project?
A. Build a team. Be Disciplined, Be Focused and believe that You Can