NRI Products Price List

NRI Products Price List

NRI Products price list: NRI stands for Nature Renaissance International. It is a global company with the mission to provide solutions to health challenges and bring wealth to individuals. There are five products produced by NRI. The flagship brand of NRI is the D3 Organic Supplement. All NRI products are made with affordability in mind. It is affordable for all.

NRI Products Price List in the Nigeria Market

Here in this article, I am going to be discussing the appropriate NRI product price list with you. There are two prices that you can find in the marketplace. So what are these prices? How do you buy at a lower price? So let’s discuss.

Retail Price (Retail Recommended Price)

The retail prices for NRI products are for people who intend to buy from registered distributors. The difference between the distributor’s buying price and the retail price is the way the company compensates its distributors who make a certain percentage of the cost.

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How to Take NRI Products

This price is the recommended price from the company to the consumer. Distributors are allowed to mark up the price with a certain percentage. As of the time of writing this article, these are the prices for all 5 NRI Products:

D3 Organic – N6,500 Cuminus Oil – N4,500 Nurisher – N8,000 De-diafix – N8,500 Nature Gift N9,000

NRI Membership Price

There is another way NRI rewards its members. All registered members of NRI buy at reduced prices for all products. How do you become a member of NRI? The process is simple. The first step is to pay a one-time fee of N6,000 naira or dollar equivalent. With this payment, you will receive D3 Organic tea as a welcome kit. So what are the prices for members?

D3 Organic – N5,000 Cuminus Oil – N3,000 Nurisher – N6,000 De-diafix – N6,500 Nature Gift N7,500

When you compare the prices of both the retail price and membership price, definitely you will see the reason why you need to become an NRI member.

You can upgrade your membership to a distributor, with this level you are on your way to earning cool cash in the comfort of your home.


Pricing is key to the success of any product, especially in a price-sensitive community. Affordability has made NRI products to be a success.

The health value you drive from NRI is amazing. I would like to hear from you about what prices you buy NRI products in your area in the comment section.

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  1. Waoo, this product is awesome indeed, infact one of your great active networker gave me sample of your product, with a sachet of your tea,. Guess what after ten minutes I experienced calmness in my body system. Hmmmm, there’s more to testify. Thanks

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