NRI Products in Nigeria

NRI Products for Various Diseases

NRI has become a household name in the herbal and skincare industry in Nigeria and Africa. These are the popular NRI Products in Nigeria – D3 Organic, NRI Under Eye, De-diafix, Nurisher, Cuminus Oil, NRI Nature’s Gift and others are popular NRI products you can find in the market today.

NRI Products in Nigeria

NRI products are known to be nature’s Gift to humankind. They are natural and purely organic. They are produced in Nigeria with state-of-the-art technology. These products are safe for humans and certified by different bodies in Nigeria and overseas.

NRI Products for Fibroid

This is peculiar to women. A fibroid is a noncancerous disease of the uterus. It is symptomatic with heavy blood flow. The root cause of fibroid is unknown. Studies are showing that Fibroid is more prevalent among some races than others.

Age also plays a role in the development of fibroid in the uterus of a woman. It is believed that fibroid is caused by spiritual forces among some African women. A myth or fact? That’s an issue for another discussion.

There are natural remedies to treat fibroid. One of these solutions is the use of NRI
products that are meant to handle such health issues in women. These products
are NRI Cuminus Oil, Nurisher and D3 Organic. How do you use it to treat
fibroid? Please read further.

The combination of D3 Organic, Nurisher and Cuminus Oil is used in the treatment of fibroid patients. D3 Organic is made of herbal properties that help in cleaning the body system of all kinds of toxins. So it is needed to wash the body system from these radicals.

Understand that one of the causes of fibroid is hormonal Imbalance. What’s hormonal Imbalance? Inappropriate production of hormones in the body. It could be too little or too much.

Nurisher herbal product from NRI is characterized with these properties
Drumstick, Allium sativum, Bengal gram, Almond, and Ginger. So they are good at
fighting against hormonal Imbalance. So let’s discuss the last product.

This is called wonder oil. It is good for both external and internal use.
Although it must be taken in moderation.

It is called fertility oil and prevents the growth of fibroid tissue. There
are other wonderful things it can do.

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You will need to take D3 Organic Supplement for the first 5 days before taking other products alongside.

Please understand that you don’t need to be a fibroid patient before taking NRI Products. Prevention is better than cure.

NRI Products for Ulcer

If you want to treat ulcer, there are NRI products meant for ulcer. Stomach or gastric ulcer is a result of break in the tissue lining of the patient. Treatment with NRI products for stomach ulcers includes the use of D3 Organic and Cuminus Oil.
As an Ulcer patient, there are certain food you are restrained from eating.

Some stomach ulcers don’t produce any symptoms. If an ulcer is present in a patient, the symptoms include:
loss of appetite
weight loss
vomiting etc
The symptom may include burning upper abdominal pain, especially between meals, early in the morning, or after drinking orange juice, coffee, or alcohol, or taking aspirin; discomfort is usually relieved by taking antacids. Stools that are tarry, black, or bloody.

For patients with peptic ulcers due to H. pylori infection, taking Cuminus Oil and D3 Organic products is beneficial because it contains hepatoprotective properties which is good for liver and wound-healing activities.

Where Can you buy NRI Products in Nigeria?

NRI products can be found in different stockist stores across Nigeria and other places in the world. You can buy any NRI Products from any registered distributor or treasure stores near you.

To place an order for NRI Products call or send a message to +2348030756813

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