NRI Products for Fertility

3 NRI Products Best for Treating Infertility

What’s Infertility? It is the inability of a couple to get pregnant within a year with constant unprotected sex at least 2 to 3 times per week.

Data available shows that 1 in 6 couples have infertility problems.

Infertility could be primary or secondary. If it is primary, it means the woman has never conceived before. While secondary infertility indicates that she has given birth in the time past.

What are the NRI products for fertility?

So what are the products of NRI you need for treating infertility? The D3 Organic Supplement, Nurisher and Cuminus Oil are best used to address infertility in both women and men.

What are the causes of infertility in women?

There are different causes of infertility in women. The roots cause of some of these problems are known while some causes are not explainable.

Hormonal Imbalance


Untreated Gonorrhea


Toxins and exposure to harmful substances etc.

What are the causes of infertility in men?

Low Sperm Count
Quick ejaculation

Untreated Gonorrhea etc.

How do you treat infertility with NRI Products?

The three major NRI products you need are listed below :
D3 Organic Product
Cuminus Oil

These products are known to contain amazing ingredients for various health issues with infertility.
The combination of these products in the right proportion will help you to address this.

The first thing to do is to detoxify the system first with D3 Organic Supplement for about five days before you proceed to the rest Supplements. Please consult your physician before you proceed.


Infertility doesn’t affect only women, it is a problem found in men also. Please ensure you are treated with NRI Products by carrying out your doctor along.

In a short time, you will achieve results.

Please do share your experience with these products and where you heard about us. Drop this in the comment section.

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