How to Make Money in NRI: (12 Practical Ways)

How is your multi level marketing company rewarding you? Efforts should be adequately rewarded. Compensation plan is the bedrock of any successful direct selling company. NRI compensation plan rewards its salesforce called distributors in two ways – commissions and bonuses.

These commission and bonuses are spread into twelve ways. I am going to be explaining this in the later. NRI operates hybrid form of compensation plan. Here are the twelve ways to earn in Nature Renaissance International.

NRI Compensation Plan

If you have been looking for NRI Compensation Plan, you are in the right place. I am going to explain to you in details how to make more money through NRI Compensation Plan. Let’s go!

Retail Profit

This is a commission a distributor earns when he sells the products to consumers. As a distributor you are allowed to make 25% mark-up profit from the sale of NRI products.

A good example, the company sells NRI D3 Organic Supplement to distributors at 3,500. As a distributor you are free to sell it at the retail price of 5,000 naira only. So let’s go to the next point.

Kick Start Bonus

When you register a new member, 36% of his registration fee goes into your kick start bonus automatically. This kick start bonus is paid into three generation. Okay! Let me make you to understand it better. I joined NRI through a distributor, if you join through me right now, I will earn a 25% bonus from your registration fee. And the person that registered me and his also will earn from the remaining 11%. The same is applies when you register a new member also.

Referral Bonus

Remember that you just registered a new member who is your downline.

When the new member picks a business package for him to become a full-fledged distributor, you will earn certain percentage from the total package the person picks.

NRI Compensation plan

We have have 5 business packages in NRI, which are :

Partner Package

Associate Package

Associate Partner Package

Senior Partner Package

Executive Package

What you earn now depends on your package also. But be rest assured that you earn between 17% – 26% of the person you referred. Do you understand this?

Upgrade Bonus

Upgrade Bonus is what you earn when your downlines or a new member you introduced to NRI business moves from one lower package to higher package. If a new distributor you introduced moves from partner package to associate Package, you will a certain bonus from this transaction.

Pairing Bonus

To earn a pairing bonus, a starter must have activated a package and be pairing qualified. Pairing bonuses are paid daily as a percentage of a lesser leg. NRI operates a binary system of MLM.

A binary system in MLM

Rank Advancement Incentive

Any distributor from Associate package and above are qualified for rank advancement bonus. It starts from Emerald rank to Ambassador. There are eight ranks in NRI. You can attain all of these. You just need to put in more work.

Emerald Rank – N50,000

Silver Rank – N380,000

Gold Rank – N570,000

Platinum Rank – N1,140,000

Diamond Rank – N3,800,000

Double Diamond Rank – N5,7000,000

Crown Diamond Rank – N9,500,000

Ambassador Rank – N20,000,000

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Uni-level Bonus

The business of NRI is a team business. You don’t work in isolation. The effort of your team members and your input count towards uni-level bonus. When they re-order NRI products, the points accumulated for this transaction is translated into bonus for you as a reward. This is another residual income you earn from NRI.


The same way you are rewarded at the binary system also at uni-level you are adequately rewarded. So all the points you accumulate at the uni-level will used to qualify you for the ward. This award could be in cash or material things of value equivalent.

Past NRI Award Ceremony

Cash award of 50,000 naira up to 32,000,000 naira will be given when qualified at each stage. This is another reason you need to join NRI. It is working and it will work for you. Just put in the required efforts.

Cheque Match Bonus

In NRI, leader are rewarded for developing others. Associate and above have the ability to earn cheque Match Bonus as they train, develop and mentor leaders within their enrollment tree.

Treasure Store Bonus

A treasure store owner is paid 6% of any product a distributor buys from such store. A treasure store owner is also called a stockist who buys in large volume to serve a certain area assigned to him by the company. It could be a state or a country.

Roll Up Bonus

Certain differentials between package percentages are rolled up from IBOs who sponsor packages bigger than theirs to uplines with packages greater than the bigger package sponsored by their downlines.

Special Promotions

Special promotions are organised from time to time to further reward NRI members.

Past NRI Promo


Making residual income is a good strategy that helps one to grow wealth. Thorough understanding of the NRI Compensation Plan gives you a clear way to map out your strategy for making money in NRI.

As you can see, NRI is not only concerned about your health but also your wealth. Join today and enjoy amazing financial reward. Feel free to share this article.

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