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Nature Renaissance International : What You Need to Know About NRI

Nature Renaissance International (NRI) is a Nigerian company with a direct-selling business model. Its spreads across 10 African countries and still counting.

A multinational healthcare organization committed to enhancing human health by creating the best healthcare products using African herbs.

In order to create powerful products that have significantly improved the health and welfare of thousands of consumers worldwide, the company has harnessed and continues to harness the immense gifts of nature and the finest African herbs.

NrI products ambassador
Browny Igboegwu – NRI Brand Ambassador

NRI has “Treasure Stores” and Distributors in African countries namely; Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroun, Togo, Republic of Benin, Congo, Liberia, South Africa, and still spreading.

NRI Products

NRI has five products presently. They are D3 Organic, De-diafix, Nurisher, Cuminus Oil, and Nature’s Gift. All NRI Products are made from pure organic substances without synthetic materials.

That’s why they are called nature’s gift to mankind. These NRI supplements are affordable and available across various Treasure Stores.

Although NRI doesn’t make claims but its products are known to be effective in fighting various diseases and ailments.

The company is making more products available in a few months. These products are meant to address various health issues.

NRI Compensation Plan

NRI has a robust compensation plan. There are two parts to this plan -the bonus and commission.

The bonus is what you earn when your team members purchase products while the commission comes from the difference between the purchase price and the selling price. So your efforts and that of your team (downlines) are adequately rewarded.

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How to become a member of NRI

To become a member of NRI is pretty easy and straightforward. Signing up as a member gives you an opportunity to enjoy a 25-36% discount on all your purchases.

The registration process involves a one-time payment of 6,000 naira or dollar equivalent. With this payment, you will receive two products as a welcome package – Cuminus Oil and D3 Organic – the first product from the company.

Don’t forget that NRI is a multi-level marketing company. You will only join through an existing network. Henceforth all products you buy through your unique username come with a discount of 25-36%. Welcome to NRI!

How to Become an NRI Distributor

Becoming an NRI distributor involves the same process as membership. To become a member you pay a membership fee of 6,000 naira only and you are given products worth 8,500 naira. So to become a distributor, you need to upgrade your account from membership to distributorship.

How? It is very easy. If you have already registered as a member all you need is to pay for a business package. The business package you pick out of 5 business packages available will determine how much you will pay. These are the packages we have in NRI:

Partner Package – N20,000, Associate Package – N44,000, Associate Partner Package – N94,000, Senior Partner Package – N240,000, Executive Package – N480,000

NRI Business Packages

Therefore you will need to pick one of these packages to become a distributor. If you have not registered as a member before this business package, you need an additional 6,000 naira. Don’t forget that the amount paid for both membership and business package will be used to give you supplements worth the same amount.

Let me explain better. As a registered member, you are entitled to one bottle of D3 Organic and Cuminus Oil each. While you are free to choose any NRI product worth 20,000 naira if you are interested in a partner package. The same applies to all other packages also. Don’t forget that you can upgrade from a small package to a bigger package. All you need to do is to pay for the difference in the amount paid initially.

Take for instance, if you started with the Partner Package and you intend to migrate to Associate Partner Package, you just need to pay for the difference between the partner Package and associate Partner Package which is 24,000 naira only. Now you are set to earn both commission and bonuses as a distributor.


NRI business keeps expanding, from Africa to the rest of the world. The company is not only concerned about your health alone but also your “wealth being”. Join today to learn more and earn more.

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