How to Grow your Hair

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Grow Your Hair Using Cuminus Oil

Cuminus oil is used for several things – both external and internal. Hair growth is one of the things Cuminus oil is normally used for. Why is this so? This oil can also be used to treat hair loss. Cuminus Oil has antimicrobial and antiviral ingredients.

These ingredients are used for different purposes such as treating dermatosis – any kind of skin disease that’s inflammatory. I know you want to look attractive with your hair.

How to grow hair

That’s not bad. Looking beautiful should be a major goal for an individual who wants to boost self-confidence. So make your hair grow with these few steps I am going to be showing you.

So what Do you Need to Grow Your Hair? All you need is Cuminus Oil and few other items.
Please before you proceed to apply Cuminus Oil to your hair make sure you have the following ready.

A bottle of Cuminus Oil
Cover Clothes or an old T-shirt
Hand gloves
applicator Brush
shower cap
A comb
Large towel

You will need the above-listed items. The Cuminus oil is indeed most needed. It is suggested that you will need to mix it with coconut oil. Then you wear your cover clothes. An old T-Shirt will also do. It is to prevent the oil from touching your body directly.

The hand gloves, the brush applicator and the shower cap will be needed for their default usage. Make use of the comb to create paths on the hair. Get the applicator and apply little drops of the oil to the root of your hair.

Leave it for about ten minutes before you cover it with a shower cap.
Your hair should be ready for washing after two hours.
Please don’t do this more than two times a week. It is not advisable to do it regularly. But you can maintain a two-time-per-week dressing of the hair with the oil for about a month.

Note: Always do a patch test on your elbow or back of the ear before applying the oil to your scalp or skin.


Having attractive hair is not just a feminine thing, both men and women need to have beautiful hair look.

Before you make use of Cuminus Oil for your hair growth, please consult your stylist.
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