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NRI Wallet: Follow this Guide to Generate and Fund Your Wallet

If you have been having a problem generating and funding your account on NRI Dashboard please read on.

Make sure you follow these simple steps that will help you fund your account.

Without money in your wallet you know that you won’t be able to place an order or register a new member. These steps will save you time and money.

Step 1: Click on Finance on Your Dashboard

To get to your dashboard, you will need to login into your account by using your details. These details are the username and password. Now you are in your dashboard, click on finance on the left side of your dashboard interface.

NRI Wallet

Step 2: Look for Fund Transfer

Clicking on Finance should by now show you a drop-down list. On this list, you will find the fund transfer menu. So what do you do? Just click on this Fund transfer. Then a list of items will show up again. This will be explained in the next step.

NRI Wallet Pay

Step 3: Choose Fund Static Account

Now, this step is very important because this is where you generate an account number for your transactions. This is a one-time step. This account number is unique to only the username provided by Providus Bank. Don’t worry we are almost getting to the end of the guide. Just follow along. So click on fund static account.

NRI Wallet

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Step 4 Click on the Generate Static Account

Now click on Generate Static account. Remember that NRI partners with Providus Bank to provide this service. An account number will be generated by Providus Bank.

NRI Wallet Generate

It is only for you. But it will show Nature Renaissance International as the name of the account. Therefore copy that number and save it. Henceforth that’s the account number you will be making all your deposit into whenever you want to buy NRI Products or register.

NRI Wallet no

Best Bank App for Your Transaction

There is a major problem most people face. They find it difficult to fund their wallet through their respective banks. But here is the solution if you have this problem. I have used this method. It has worked and it keeps working.

Create an account with Opay Digital Services on your phone. Add the necessary details. Then transfer into your Opay Account from your local bank.

Opay does not charge you for transferring into other banks. Your phone number will automatically be your account and it becomes easier to remember. So why not try Opay and enjoy a seamless transaction?


I have used this method. It works well. I have never had any issues with payment delays. It is simple and free. If this is helpful to you kindly share it.

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